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Company will bring the value of deep learning to assist providers in the early detection of disease in healthcare imagery

WiseEye AI Computer Vision Application Provides Physicians with 9 Views of a Lung Nodule and Probability Score that it is Cancerous

“It has always been a passion of mine to improve patient care by bringing cost effective, innovative solutions to the delivery of healthcare services” – Karen Bowling, CEO, WiseEye AI


The same technological advances which allow data science teams to train computers to “see” and enable such applications as self-driving cars or identify people on Facebook through photos posted on the site, is being brought to a physician near you to help them diagnose disease earlier and faster. These advances are called “deep learning” and consist of training computers to identify the patterns found in pathology slides, x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans through many repetitions presented to the computer.

The technology was recently tested in the Camelyon16 contest, which challenged teams from across the world to develop a computer program which could accurately detect cancerous tumors in breast tissue slides. This year was one of the first where the computers performed better than human pathologists, and the NLP Logix approach placed 2nd of US-based teams and 5th overall.

To commercialize the success of this challenge and bring the power of deep learning to healthcare, WiseEye AI was formed. Ms. Karen Bowling, a successful healthcare executive, has been selected to serve as the Chief Executive Officer. “It has always been a passion of mine to improve patient care by bringing cost-effective, innovative solutions to the delivery of healthcare services,” said Bowling. “This is a tremendous opportunity to take technology that other industries have been using for years and use it to produce higher quality image analysis tools to assist radiologists and pathologists with the detection and diagnosis of disease.”

In addition to Bowling, Mike Trovato has joined the WiseEye AI team as Vice President of Sales. Mike brings almost twenty years experience in sales to hospital and physician providers. These sales ranged from surgical equipment to end-to-end imaging solutions, which has prepared him well to present this revolutionary technology to the healthcare community.

The first product WiseEye AI has developed is an application to assist radiologists in reading low-dose CT scans of the lungs. This technology evolved to aid radiologists in process management and detection within this rapidly growing market. Early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer is a potentially lifesaving screening procedure yielding promising long term survival rates. In addition to the CT scans, WiseEye AI has a robust pipeline to assist physicians in the accuracy of detecting pathology in breast, GI, and other general sub specialties.

“Think of training a computer to learn the same way you would a child,” said Matt Berseth, Lead Scientist for NLP Logix. “If you wanted to teach a child to be able to identify a dog, you would show them many examples of what a dog is as well as what it is not. After many repetitions, the child is able to identify what a dog is with a high degree of accuracy that only gets better with time. This is the same technique we use to train computers to help identify specific conditions.”

About WiseEye AI

WiseEye AI delivers world-class computer vision solutions to the healthcare community. The company currently has solutions for assisting physicians to interpret low-dose CT scans of the lungs as well as breast cancer tumor identification and classification. The product road map anticipates new solutions being delivered on a quarterly basis.

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