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Priority Support Makes the Grade

Priority support is key in resolving any technical issue. Regarding P1s, it seems suspiciously circumstantial that keyboards have the “1” and “!” on the same key.  P1s are “Priority 1,” top-priority Support tickets addressing business-critical needs.  If a support ticket comes in assigned as a P1, urgency from the NLP Logix Client Operations Team is actionable with the emphasis of taking action with an exclamation point!

As tickets are channeled into the pipeline, they are assigned a priority level of P1, the most urgent, to P4, the lowest urgency.  These levels are based on the ITIL standard if identifying the impact and urgency of the issue.  Kristine LaBarbera, Director of Client Enablement, states, “We never look forward to a P1 scenario, but they are a necessary and anticipated part of operations.  They also provide our teams with the opportunity to identify areas of optimization to prevent the same scenario from occurring in the future.  We’ve been working to refine our process over the course of the last year, with some great input from our clients along the way.”

Eli Butler, NLP Logix Client Operations Specialist states, “When monitoring Client’s processes and health, P1s are not common. However, when a P1 does occur the entire team’s focus goes to handling that issue and we work seamlessly until that issue is resolved.” NLP Logix believes Data Science is a team sport® and carries that into Client relationships.  They encourage Clients to lean on NLP Logix as an extension of the Client’s business.  Throughout the P1 process, Clients are heavily involved through the remediation process.

High-level overview of the steps taken throughout a P1:

The P1 process is highly collaborative with various teams from NLP Logix and the client participating to drive resolution as quickly as possible.  In alignment with the ITIL v4 Guiding Principle of “Continual Improvement,” NLP Logix strives to assess and improve operations, performance, and value.

The P1 process is one piece of the full service of end-to-end delivery of quality solutions for our clients.  Learn more about how solutions are deployed and maintained.  Contact our team today.

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