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NLP Logix Internship: It’s A Win-Win

At NLP Logix, we embrace the importance of learning and development, which is why we are often found in the educational community, teaching classes, presenting, and attending career fairs. With a passion for Data Science, we work to provide students with the right tools and support to become Developers, Engineers, Mathematicians, Analysts, and Operations team members.

“We have paid college internships across all teams at NLP Logix. It’s a win-win. They add tremendous value and bring a fresh perspective while gaining hands-on experience in day-to-day,” states Kelly Usry, Client Operations Manager. “Interns provide a spark of energy and enthusiasm that NLP Logix team members thrive on.”  

Chelsea Abraham, NLP Logix Operations Intern, is studying Computer Science at the University of North Florida. “I’m constantly amazed by the opportunities and challenges that this field has to offer,” states Abraham. “From my personal experience interning at NLP Logix, I’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge, skills, and experience that will benefit me in my professional career. 

I have been able to learn many things from Python scripts to understanding databases and how to write queries. Through my interactions with clients and employees, I was able to further hone my analytical and problem-solving skills as well as my communication and presentation skills. Overall interning at NLP has been an amazing experience because of not only the knowledge to be gained but also the culture in the workplace. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, which helps to promote understanding and camaraderie.” 

As an additional measure of our commitment to learning, interns are often offered the opportunity to stay full-time after they complete their studies.  These individuals usually fit seamlessly, making for a well-rounded team.  

“Data Science is a Team Sport.®” is not just our NLP Logix mantra, it’s how we do business.  

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