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Intern’s Journey

Whether it’s teaching a class, presenting, or attending career fairs, NLP Logix team members are often found in the educational community. We are passionate about Data Science and work with area schools and universities to nurture future Developers, Engineers, Mathematicians, Analysts, and Operations team members.  

 To further support our culture of learning and development, college students are also frequently found at work in the NLP Logix office as paid interns.  In many cases, we find a great fit with an intern who joins our team full-time after graduation. Ted Willich, NLP Logix CEO states, “For those with a team mentality, who are ready to learn and contribute, the opportunities to expand their skills and experience is exciting to not only them but NLP Logix as well.” 

Vince Duarte teaching Data Science Boot Camp

Vince Duarte, currently studying Computer Science at the University of Florida, began his journey with NLP Logix in high school attending the NLP Logix Boot Camp.  The Boot Camp offers rising high school seniors the opportunity to solve analytics and machine learning problems for real world professional entities.  As Duarte’s interest in programming grew, and his university studies continued, Duarte applied to NLP Logix’s internship program.  He states “I began as a Technical Support intern which offered me valuable exposure into real-world machine learning pipelines.  As my confidence grew, I was able to build automation scripts for the Modeling and Analytics team.  The following year, I joined the Engineering team to actively participate in full-stack development and cloud DevOps.”   

Upon graduation, Duarte will be working for NLP Logix full-time as a Software Engineer. Duarte says “NLP Logix honors a hard-working and supportive culture across all disciplines – from project management to engineering and mathematics. This opportunity is truly a blessing, as working here accelerated my professional growth and showed me the importance of teamwork.” 

Eli Butler

Eli Butler, former Client Operations Intern, now NLP Logix Software Support Specialist is currently attending the University of North Florida.  Majoring in Computer Science, Butler will soon graduate and then join NLP Logix full-time.  In his role, Eli has had the opportunity to interact with internal teams and clients as it relates to supporting our technologies in production and has now had exposure to most of our technology types after only 4 months on the job.  He states that, “As cliché as it might sound, I think that we might have the best culture at any business anywhere. Everyone is extremely supportive, extraordinarily positive, and very driven.”

The biggest difference with NLP Logix culture as opposed to other offices I’ve worked in the past is that it really seems as if everyone WANTS to be at work, it’s not just another job to people here and this is true from the interns to the CEO.” 

Our interns and employees come from a variety of experiences: military backgrounds, English, Communications and Humanities majors as well as Business, Math, Statistics and Computer Science degrees, making for a well-rounded team.  “Data Science is a Team Sport.®” is not just our NLP Logix mantra, it’s how we do business.   

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