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Partners for Change

Located in historic downtown Jacksonville, Edward Waters University (EWU), established in 1866, was the first institution founded in Florida for the education of African Americans. Situated on the EWU campus is the Schell-Sweet Community Resource Center (SSCRC).  The SSCRC was launched in 1995 to support and serve its surrounding at-risk community with the vision of being “a community and academic support model, promoting positive lifestyle changes and best practices, focusing on social, health and educational services.”

In 2020, NLP Logix was introduced to EWU-SSCRC, providing computer technology training and resources to seniors at the Schell-Sweet Community Resource Center (SSCRC).  EWU-SSCRC, Director Marie Heath, states, “We are making a positive difference in the lives of people.”

From those initial stepping stones, the EWU-SSCRC and NLP Logix partnership in the pursuit of lifelong learning has continued to flourish. Ted Willich, CEO of NLP Logix, states, “It is great to give our team members the chance to give back to our community in a very real way.”

In 2020, NLP Logix introduced its internship program to EWU.  Willich said, “Over the years, almost all of our interns were from the University of North Florida, the University of Florida, and Georgia Tech, all of whom have mature computer science programs. This Fall, we will be working with EWU to start and build a Computer Science curriculum as well as give our team members an opportunity to serve as adjunct professors.”

Continuing to span the generational gap from seniors to students, in 2022, NLP Logix held its Data Science Boot Camp onsite at EWU for high-school students. Students’ final Data Science presentations concluded by inviting local Business, Community, and University Leaders to EWU.

While working and serving those in at-risk communities is not a new concept, changing how those at-risk are served is evolving. Our partners at EWU-SSCRC have worked to define and utilize resources within the larger community, opening opportunities for addressing various needs among individuals and families with economic and social challenges.  NLP Logix is proud to be a partner for change.

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