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The State of AI 2020

Survey Results

We sent out a survey to approximately 5000 business professionals from a variety of positions and industries and asked them a few questions about the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it relates to their industry.

We have received and compiled the results into our report “The State of AI 2020”.

Click to download this free report and see how your organization compares.

Survey Results – Download Now
2020 State of AI Insights and Findings

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Is AI right for your business?

AI should not be viewed as a substitute for the human interactions that take place in your organization.  Instead, it enables your team members to be more efficient and accurate by compiling pertinent data in new ways, by adding automation, and making their jobs easier.

An example of efficiencies gained is in having a computer vision model process 1000’s of images that would normally be reviewed by a human.  All except a small percentage of the images can be processed automatically and only the exceptions are routed to the human for review.  Thereby saving the human from the mundane portion of their task.

With Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, and other AI technologies, custom solutions can be built to eliminate most routine tasks.