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Ride the Wave of Model Health Monitoring

Preventative maintenance is beneficial to health…even for a bot. Immune to the nuance of human errors, bots used in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are some of the strongest workers, even while working their 24/7 shifts.  Incorporating RPA into your business and shifting your human workforce to higher-level tasks can reduce error rates and allow you to recognize efficiency gains.   

In the world of automation, system health is a priority.  Health can degrade due to any slight changes to the user interface (UI) or updates to the systems it touches.  As a precautionary method to maintain the automation flow, NLP Logix Client Operations, aka Bot Health Docs, are on hand to support and provide checkups as needed.  Success rates are measured and monitored using dashboards designed for bot health monitoring.  In addition, regular client communication is scheduled to discuss any pending changes to the bot environments.   

One of NLP Logix’s RPA clients, Corridor, is a trusted business partner to non-acute healthcare providers for revenue cycle management (RCM) services. Forward-thinking in their approach, Corridor utilizes bots to acquire key patient data from their clients’ electronic medical records (EMR) to enable a range of workflow automation and analytics capabilities. One such capability includes a custom UI built in collaboration with NLP Logix which uses automation to navigate the EMR with image-based recognition.  

 Corridor Chief Executive Officer Des Varady says: “Workflow automation has been key to allowing us to deliver for our clients – at scale, with quality and the turnaround times that we demand and our clients expect. We wouldn’t be where we are on our ongoing automation journey without NLP.” 

 NLP Logix supports and maintains Corridor’s work process automation environment, including all associated bots. Support includes ongoing maintenance of the RPA health process and addressing issues caused by changes to other (external) systems associated with the Corridor business process. NLP Logix also monitors bot processes and provides Corridor stakeholders with regular reporting, including performance metrics, trends, and other data.   

“We’ve been able to scale volume of operations with Corridor workflow automation by about 500% over the past two years, all while maintaining strong solution health and throughput rate,” states Jonathan Elsner, NLP Logix Engineering Team Lead.  “Efficiency is a key element of their business operations, so we’ve been excited to be part of their journey in growing automation use cases within their business.”  

As interest and users of RPA continues to grow, the key benefits of automation are being recognized: 

  • Increased productivity  
  • Savings in efficiency 
  • Improved security 
  • Reduction in error 

The growing demand for RPA bot fleets is being incorporated in numerous industries on multiple fronts, from customer experience to data processing and analytics.  Major industries are: 

Robotic Process Automation Market Size Report, 2030 ( 


Whether you are in the early stages of exploring RPA tools or further along in your automation journey and could use some guidance, the team at NLP Logix is happy to help.  Talk to one of our automation experts today at 

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