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NLP Logix & QuantHub Partnership Announcement


NLP Logix is pleased to announce a new partnership with QuantHub, a leading data science skills assessment and development platform, to offer complete Machine Learning/AI solutions.


QuantHub’s strengths are in empowering companies to build the technology teams they need to be able to support and improve upon the ML/AI programs they have in place. NLP Logix’s strengths are in putting those ML/AI programs in place. Combined, we can offer a complete solution.


The Process


AI & Automation The Process


NLP Logix offers the customized Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions you need to scale your business automation. From the initial steps of identifying your challenges all the way through to implementation, NLP Logix builds the program to meet your needs. QuantHub then provides the tools to upskill your staff, or identify skill gaps, to enable you to continue and grow with your new systems.




“QuantHub is passionate about helping companies leverage the power of AI. We are excited to partner with NLP Logix as they share in our passion. Through our partnership, companies will receive clear guidance on how to leverage AI, while mapping out what data skills are needed to ensure the right team is in place to execute and support the AI strategy.”

– Matt Cowell, CEO, QuantHub

“At NLP Logix, we have learned over the past decade of successfully delivering AI-powered solutions, that Data Science is a Team Sport®. Working with QuantHub, it is like having an experienced scout to assess the talent of current and future team members.”

– Ted Willich, CEO, NLP Logix

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Read the full press release here: NLP Logix/QuantHub Press Release


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