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Suwannee Valley Feeds and NLP Logix Leverage Years of Data to Optimize Dairy Production and Hedging Strategies While Delivering Insights Never Before Seen in the Industry


Suwanee Vallley Feeds Milk Production Levels Graph

Milk Production Data Visualization. The Shaded Information is the Predicted Production


“The relationship between NLP Logix, Tableau Software and Suwannee Valley Feeds brings together the best in breeds of predictive modeling, data visualizations and of course, dairy” – Robby Robertson, COO, NLP Logix




If you have ever enjoyed a steak dinner or cold glass of milk in Florida or Georgia, you are supporting area farmers who work 24 hours a day / seven days a week to produce top quality food. Also supporting those farmers is Suwannee Valley Feeds in Trenton, Florida who have been sourcing quality feeds for dairy and beef farms across Florida and Georgia since 2008. Another unique contribution is Suwannee Valley Feeds also works with select dairies to manage their feed cost and milk production risk helping to ensure profits against volatility in the futures markets.


Suwannee Valley Feeds has been committed to maximizing efficiency and sustainable practices since inception. Data is the core of continuous measure and improvement. The company has invested in extensive technical development over the years to collect and analyze data on just about every aspect of their business. The arduous practice of that time consuming data effort in spreadsheets is now advancing to the next level of business intelligence with the help of Jacksonville-based NLP Logix.


“I am amazed at what can be done when you combine large data sets.” said Will Lloyd, Senior Director, Suwannee Valley Feeds. “You get a whole new perspective when you can see the effects of weather, commodity prices, herd composition and other critical information in a consolidated platform.”


A leader in predictive modeling and advanced analytics, NLP Logix has been upgrading the entire data process of Suwannee Valley Feeds. “Getting visibility of their data into a centralized display is the first step,” said Robby Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, NLP Logix. “With the massive disparate data sets we are now leveraging, we have begun to build models that manage the many variables involved in commodities markets. This will help Will and his team improve their ability to predict milk and grain production across the dairies, market pricing fluctuations and many other critical aspects of Suwannee Valley Feeds deliverables.”


The models are being delivered through a customized Analytics portal affectionately named “Dairy Dash”. “We built Dairy Dash using Tableau Software, the leader in the emerging Data Visualization market,” said Robertson. “The strategic partnerships between NLP Logix, Tableau Software and Suwannee Valley Feeds brings together the best in breeds of predictive modeling, data visualization and of course, agriculture. Beyond just feeds, Suwannee Valley offers a comprehensive depth of risk management services developed over years of experience in their field. Building on that expertise with NLP’s next generation technology will enhance their ability to grow their company and customer profits.”


About NLP Logix 
NLP Logix provides world-class predictive data modeling and advanced analytics services. The company builds and hosts custom predictive models to identify trend and momentum within a client’s big data to solve business problems. NLP Logix is currently serving a wide variety of clients including those in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, agriculture, defense and energy sectors. For more information, please visit


About Suwannee Valley Feeds 
Suwannee Valley Feeds has been producing premium quality feeds at affordable prices since 2008. Serving central and north Florida, Suwannee Valley Feeds has a staff of experts to develop effective feeds that are designed to yield specific results. While serving the agriculture needs of the local and regional farms, Suwannee Valley Feeds observes global and national events and uses the most sophisticated data science tools to maximize value and manage risks for its customers. 

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