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Predictive analytics provided by NLP Logix will deliver invaluable analytics to empower Miller Electric to effectively manage their growing fleet of vehicles.


Miller Electric Company, a national electrical contractor has partnered with NLP Logix LLC, an artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions provider to apply advanced analytics to improve fleet management practices.

The predictive analytics and data visualization delivered through the “Fleetboard” will allow Miller Electric to monitor maintenance costs, gas expenditures, vehicle locations, and downtime in a single, easy to interpret dashboard. The Miller Electric “Fleetboard” will provide a robust analysis of the health of their 400+ vehicle fleet.

“The aggregation of key data from multiple sources in combination with the ability to apply statistical and machine learning models will allow our team to optimize the use of our fleet, delivering significant value,” said David Stallings, VP Digital Transformation, Miller Electric. “We believe that by leveraging this data on a consistent basis, we will enhance vehicle safety and environmental stewardship as we reduce operational friction in our fleet.”

Showing complex data in a way that is easy to interpret was also a key driver for this project. “The new “Fleetboard” has given us valuable information, that we already had but could not see easily, in a precise way to manage our fleet effectively and efficiently. We feel this will allow us to save time and money over time. This was money and time well spent,” said Dr. Rochelle Bailey Price, VP of Shared Services, Miller Electric.

This project is just one example of how Miller Electric continues to innovate through the adoption of new practices and innovative technologies.

About NLP Logix
NLP Logix is an artificial intelligence/machine learning product and automation solutions provider, which has evolved over the last eight years to one of the fastest growing teams of deep learning practitioners. Our team of experts have extensive experience leveraging natural language processing, computer vision, neural networks, and predictive modeling to help companies revolutionize how they operate. NLP Logix delivers automation and machine learning solutions to customers across a wide swath of industries, including financial services, energy, healthcare, government, human resources, and many more.

About Miller Electric Company
Founded in 1928, Miller Electric Company has grown from a local electrical contractor to one of the largest companies in the industry with over 2000 employees. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and with a network of branch offices, Miller Electric Company provides comprehensive power and technology solutions to Fortune 500 clients in a diversified range of industries. Miller Electric Company is a family business that remains committed to continued stewardship in its communities and industry.

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