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AI – Having a Human in the Loop

The integration of AI into businesses and everyday life is growing rapidly. AI is being used to automate processes, improve customer service, and make decisions on behalf of humans. While AI is expected to create huge efficiency gains, it is also raising questions about trust, accountability, and human oversight. To address these issues, more companies are turning to “Human in the Loop” AI.  


artificial intelligenceHuman in the Loop AI is a type of AI system in which humans are actively involved in the decision-making process. Human input serves as a type of check and balance on the system, ensuring that decisions are made with the best interests of the end user in mind. This type of AI has become increasingly important as AI-powered systems become more complex and autonomous.  

One example of Human in the Loop AI is the use of “explainable AI” or XAI. XAI is a type of AI that is designed to explain its decisions, making it easier for humans to understand how the system arrived at its conclusions. This type of AI can be used to help humans understand why decisions are made, and to allow for more informed decision-making. 

Use Case: 

NLP Logix client MediStreams, a Healthcare Payments and Remittance Automation Processor, transforms manual processes into automated workflows in the Healthcare industry.  Utilizing an NLP Logix powered AI model that identifies data fields from a particular document, MediStreams automates the task of data capture. John Koch, COO & Co-Founder of MediStreams states, “When the AI is lacking in confidence for a particular field, the results are surfaced to a human for review. The human can confirm that the AI was verified and process the document or validate/update fields.” 

This Human in the Loop approach helps to mitigate occasions where the model makes errors. As a part of the model building and productionalization processes, NLP Logix works with customers to identify the ideal confidence threshold for the problem to minimize human interaction within risk tolerance levels.  

About MediStreams, LLC 

MediStreams supplies outsourced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services for healthcare providers. MediStreams automates the flow of healthcare payments with lockbox services, ERA to EFT deposit reconciliation, paper to 835 conversions, patient payments and correspondence processing. MediStreams accelerates the posting of remittances, cuts manual processes, and significantly reduces overhead costs. For more information, visit or call 866-836-2835. 

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