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NLP Logix: A Letter from Our CEO, Ted Willich

Looking Forward to 2023

NLP Logix

The team here at NLP Logix enjoys reflecting on the past year and putting our plans together for another successful year!  This year is no different and we are excited to continue to grow our business and team.  To facilitate this growth, we have reorganized the company to reflect our passion for solving our customers hardest data problems!

The three functional areas and their responsibilities are:

Data Science team, which is led by our Co-Founder and CIO, Matt Berseth.  The Data Science team is responsible for all Research and Development, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, including applications to monitor model health in our customers production systems.  They are responsible for staying aware of the latest machine learning/AI technologies and when applicable, adopt and deliver them to our customers, as well as provide industry leadership on the ethical use of AI.

Modern Solutions team, which is led by our CTO, Robert Brown.  The Modern Solutions team is responsible for all software engineering, cloud and modern data architecture deliverables for our customers.  They are charged with staying aware of the latest infrastructure advancements, including AWS and Azure, as well as best practices for software engineering.

Operations team, which is led by our Chief Operating Officer, Fallon Gorman.  The Operations team is responsible for all Project Management, Product and Delivery and Client Enablement.  They are the glue that makes sure we are delivering to our client’s expectations, and we have a leader responsible for coordinating our resources so we can deliver for our customers!

The team has grown to over 80 members, and we expect to have close to 100 by the end of 2023.  We believe this organization structure will provide us the opportunity to continue to deliver custom AI solutions to our clients, at the highest level as we have the past eleven years, and beyond!

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