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The Why Statement

  • The parent lacking patience may say the answer is “because.”
  • The teacher lacking inspiration may say the answer is “find out on your own.”
  • The person lacking confidence may say the answer is “I don’t know.”

Notice anything about these answers to WHY?  

What do they say about a purpose? More importantly, what do they have in common? Think about it for a moment. 

In the book “Start with Why,” Simon Sinek shows how leaders with the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way–it’s the opposite of what everyone else does. 

In the above examples… the answers to “WHY” are based on lack and avoidance. We’ve all been there. There could be something in the WHY that we don’t want to face. There could be emotions tied up in the WHY that we don’t want to feel. There could even be an inner voice in the WHY that echoes “you will fail.” Despite all of this, the executives at NLP Logix sat down together to determine the WHY Statement of NLP LOGIX… and what they discovered was powerful!  

The Why Statement is a sentence that should clearly express a company’s (or team’s) distinctive contribution and impact.  Businesses and organizations usually stand out on three basic levels: 1. What they do, 2. How they do it, and of course… 3) WHY they do it. In most cases, the WHAT is simply summed up in a statement about the products, services, and/or benefits the company provides. Furthermore, the HOW is summed up in the things that make the company stand out; but the WHY Statement goes deeper; it is the purpose, the cause, the passion, and/or the belief that drives everything and everyone at a company.  

Now, recall the lack-based WHY answers from above. Many companies would never knowingly answer “because,” “find out on your own,” or “I don’t know” when asked about their company’s WHY. Still, many companies do give these answers as they are not willing to dig past the lack, to dig past the doubt, and to dig past the struggles to tap into the WHY. ONLY a handful of companies can clearly articulate their WHY—and NLP Logix is one of them. 

The Question: What is NLP Logix’s WHY Statement? 

The Answer: “Solving the hardest problems takes a team built on trust.” 

The NLP Logix WHY Statement illustrates the company’s belief that “Data Science is a Team Sport,” BUT the WHY Statement also illustrates that solving the hardest business problems does not happen by chance; it happens as a result of trust. 

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