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Keeping Projects Hot While Staying Cool

Data science has rapidly become one of the hottest, most sought-after fields in technology today. Companies of all industries are seeking the assistance of Data Science teams to build models, conduct data analysis, provide insights, etc. And while the data scientists themselves are critical to the solution’s success, the team’s project manager is also key.

A project manager (PM) provides structure and focus for the data science team. They take input from business partners and determine the project workflow, ensuring that the project is completed on time and within constraints. Utilizing their expertise and resources, the PM assesses the cost, time, and risk of a project to make sure the team is set up for success. tilizing their experience, a PM is able to coordinate the right decision and navigate the unexpected.

By bridging the gap between the client and data science teams, a PM facilitates communication and collaboration between the two, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The PM also ensures that business objectives are kept in mind during the analysis process and that the data science team is actually solving a real-world problem. NLP Logix, Director of Project Management, Natalie Leon-Pinckney states, “Good communication and full transparency keep conflict and confusion from slowing down projects.”

“Clients understand what they want as an end result,” states Leon-Pinckney. “A PM can steer and direct the achievement of the client’s goal, possibly even seeing a greater picture of how the project can encompass others or even possibly seeing the unexpected needs of the client.  Basically, we can give them a 360 perspective versus tunnel vision.”

Overall, a project manager is a critical component to the success of any data science team – providing structure, fostering collaboration, and ensuring objectives are kept in mind when making decisions. These adaptable professionals stay cool under pressure, while also helping data science teams confidently tackle projects, drive meaningful results, and produce successful solutions.

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