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Seasoned analytics and big data teams combine offerings and experience in delivering hosted data management and predictive modeling solutions


DataBrains, a cloud data management and data visualization leader, along with NLP Logix, one of the fastest growing machine learning and predictive modeling companies in the country, are proud to announce a partnership to combine their expertise and deliver a full suite of services for big data analytics. DataBrains has developed a unique, efficient approach to combine business assessment, data architecture, data integration, and analytics development with cloud hosting services. This deep, tailored understanding of how companies of all sizes collect, store and use their data places DataBrains in the logical position to partner with NLP Logix and its team of data scientists.

“We know that all types of organizations are looking to reap the value that clean, well-managed data, flexible analytical tools, and predictive modeling can deliver to optimize their top and bottom lines,” said Len Vitello, Managing Partner of DataBrains. “After meeting with the NLP Logix team and seeing the measurable value provided to a wide variety of clients, we knew we found the right partner to round out our full suite of data analytics services.”

The DataBrains-NLP Logix partnership will expand the delivery and integration of predictive data models developed in LogixStudio, the machine learning solution developed by NLP Logix over the past four years. These algorithms allow companies to leverage a wide range of data sources to deliver valuable guidance and insights to address a variety of common business challenges including price optimization, customer segmentation, labor scheduling, customer recommendations, inventory optimization, marketing effectiveness, and many others.

“We have been looking for a partner with not only deep domain expertise in data analytics across multiple industries, but also a track record in designing and delivering data management solutions,” said Ted Willich, CEO, NLP Logix. “DataBrains’ cloud hosting and managed data services allow us to extend our combined offering to mid-market customers that previously weren’t prepared for predictive analytics. Also, given that both DataBrains and NLP Logix are based in Jacksonville, there are significant synergies that will enable our teams to efficiently support our clients here in Florida and across the region.”

About DataBrains

The DataBrains team brings business focus and technology expertise to the design and delivery of analytics and data solutions. The team has decades of experience delivering business intelligence and analytics programs for enterprise, mid-market, and high-growth organizations. As a preferred Tableau alliance partner, DataBrains offers its proprietary FastTrack program to rapidly launch customers’ analytics programs. The company’s database development, Tableau analytics, cloud hosting and managed services enable its clients to benefit from the power of analytics without the complexity and high costs typically required for in-house infrastructure and staffing. For more information about DataBrains, visit

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