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Automation in Data Extraction

How quickly can you respond to economic fluctuations?

Does your volume fluctuate?

One thing we learned in 2020 was that our predictions for our business volume was about as accurate as a flip of the coin.  Some businesses saw exponential growth, while others stagnated.  Many businesses learned hard lessons about being able to scale quickly and efficiently.

Predicting Economic FluctuationsIf your industry is one that fluctuates with markets, seasons, or other variables, it is very difficult to hire, train, and maintain staff to manually process your data. It becomes crucial to find a solution that allows you to flex your current staff…not only can they skip the repetitive tasks, but they can focus on the complex tasks that require human interaction.

With innovation and automation, you will free up time from those repetitive administrative tasks, allowing your team to dedicate time to more strategic planning and other high value projects, like interpreting and analyzing your data.

Additionally, with the right data process automation model in place, the difficult job of hiring, training, or laying off of employees is minimized when scaling up or down.

The NLP Logix solution

Automation in Data Extraction

Using a set of proprietary and patented machine learning algorithms, our own optical character recognition (“OCR”) engine, pattern recognition, natural language processing, and grammatical syntax structure detection, we are able to deliver a state-of-the-art view into your unstructured data. We turn unstructured content into structured data, regardless of the look and feel of the source information.  Your data is then incorporated into your workflow in a way to offer optimal insights with minimal human touch.

From complex custom solutions to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that anyone can use, we offer value to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our experience includes providing unprecedented insights to many different industries and use cases including finance, insurance, healthcare, human resource, telecommunications, and many more.

Make Smarter Decisions Using Better Data

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