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By Ellen Schneider  – Reporter, Jacksonville Business Journal Sep 24, 2019, 1:17pm EDT

NLP Logix, the Jacksonville-based technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning, recently partnered with Andromeda Systems Inc. to enhance maintenance on F-35’s.

The program is intended to automate the maintenance of F-35’s, but, the companies have plans to market the product beyond the military. Ted Willich, the CEO of NLP Logix, said the product could easily be made applicable to any other high-end transportation machinery that requires preventive maintenance. McCutcheon said ASI is also looking to market the product beyond F-35’s.

NLP Logix Partners with Andromeda Systems Inc on F-35 Project

The partnership came about after ASI began working on a new project called AIPS, Artificially Intelligent Prognostic Systems. ASI, based in Orange Park, works to help their customers optimize operations and equipment performance.

Robert McCutcheon, project manager at ASI, said he first discovered NLP Logix after reading a Business Journal article about the company’s program to teach high schoolers about AI. McCutcheon thought if they could teach kids, they would certainly be able to help ASI.

“Our companies really do fit,” said McCutcheon, “Our differences are very complimentary.” ASI has expertise in the equipment performance and operations side and NLP Logix is able to customize AI technologies that are specific to ASI’s needs.

Willich said he is particularly excited about the partnership because it is NLP Logix first opportunity to work on a defense contract.

“Andromeda has such a long history of supporting federal contracts, it’s a great opportunity for us,” said Willich.

ASI is a veteran-owned business with several department of defense contracts.

Willich and McCutcheon said they are eager for two companies to continue working together.

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